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Take care of our feathered friends!

We have everything you need to take care of your visiting garden birds, all year round.

To help them get through our cold British winters, birds need to stockpile an extra layer of fat. Always leave them tasty treats, fresh water and a cosy place to nest.

During the warmer months, they love nothing more than a dip in a well positioned bird bath and a selection of food to take back to their nests.

Make sure you place everything out of the way of any predatory cats and try and keep your food offerings squirrel-proof: there are some great feeders on the market that will foil them!

Pacific has stocks of everything from bird tables to nutritious nut selections. In addition, ideal scraps from your kitchen include bread (in moderation), nuts, raisins, finely chopped unsalty bacon, vegetables and tiny pieces of cheese.

Draw all kinds of interesting birds to your garden, bird tables and windowsills with tempting winter offerings.